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The Jenny Burton Experience
Produced and Directed by Peter Link

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"If you can’t put aside a Thursday night to catch 'The Jenny Burton Experience'
at midtown’s Don’t Tell Mama, you can always toss 10 sticks of dynamite into your tool shed and watch the roof take off for the stratosphere."

Bill Ervolino, The Record



The Jenny Burton Experience is extraordinary singing ensemble that features the amazing
Jenny Burton and some of the best studio singer/performers in New York City. After
their record breaking seven year sold out run at New York City’s Don’t Tell Mama
they toured the country, opened for Stevie Wonder, headlined at Resorts International
in Atlantic City and thrilled tens of thousands at The Indianapolis Black Expo.

The Jenny Burton Experience sings with Carly Simon on Good Morning America

Sample Songs

Click the song titles to listen to samples from The Jenny Burton Experience CD:

I Want My Life Back


Deeper Than Pride

Tear Down The House

On Broken Pieces



About The Jenny Burton Experience

A roller-coaster ride through R&B, pop and gospel" raves the Daily News of The Jenny Burton Experience, a musical group featuring Ms. Burton and her nine-voice choir. The group broke all box office records and played to packed houses in their seven year run at New York City's "Don't Tell Mama" and is still going strong. The group is made up of many of New York City's top studio singers and includes Margaret Dorn - Choir Captain, Stephanie James - Dance Captain, Andricka Hall, Angela Robinson, Branice McKenzie, Kevin-Anthony, Steve Abrams, Kevin Osborne and John James.

“ I grew up listening to James Cleveland, Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples. I sang in a church choir. My roots are in inspirational music. And I think with the millennium coming, a lot of people are thinking about spiritual issues. We want people to have a good time and a nice night out when they see us. But we also hope they’ll come away thinking about making a better world.” Helping to shape this approach is Peter Link, the award-winning composer whose work for stage and screen has included the musical score for Joseph Papp’s Much Ado About Nothing and Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor. His first gold record was “If You Let Me Make Love to You, Then Why Can’t I Touch You?,” a runaway hit made popular by Ronnie Dyson.These eclectic backgrounds have come together to form a vibrant synthesis in the Jenny Burton Experience. Not cabaret, not theater, the group gracefully uses choreography and many-layered harmonies to envelope its audience in a warm and melodious cocoon.
The choir is made up of nine multi-talented singers who have performed both in the recording studios and in concert all over the world with such diverse talents as: The Rolling Stones, Harry Belafonte, Madonna, Diana Ross, New Kids On The Block, Celine Dion, Willie Nelson, Taylor Dane, Barry Manilow, Donald Fagen, Cindi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Freddie Jackson, Toto, Petula Clark, Roberta Flack, Ashford and Simpson, Michael McDonald, Kool and the Gang, Patti Austin and Gregory Hines - to name just a few. Members of the choir include Karl Dixon, Margaret Dorn, Carolee Goodgold, Lawrence Hamilton, John James, Jillian, Kim Lesley, Branice McKenzie, Kevin Osborne, Angela Robinson and Keith Fluitt.  

The Jenny Burton Experience swept all the major music awards in New York City for best vocal group including the MAC Award, The Back Stage Bistro Award and The Critic's Choice Award. Named as one of Theater Week Magazine's Top Ten Acts of the '94/'95 season, they also won the CAB Award for Entertainers Of The Year.

They have performed for tens of thousands of people at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Carnegie Hall, The University of Arizona in Tucson, Michael's Pub and The Bottom Line in New York City, with Stevie Wonder at the U.N.E.S.C.O. Time For Peace Awards at Lincoln Center, for 2000 people at Hudson River Park's Sounds At Sunset Series and a sold out performance at Peter Ligeti's American Cabaret Festival at Merken Hall. Their first CD is already
in its fourth pressing.

Says Jenny Burton on the success of The Jenny Burton Experience: "A connection to our spiritual roots has brought our music beyond just the dance sound to a place where it appeals to many different people. Young or old, black or white, our music touches each person in the same place - their heart." For more information please contact: Peter Link at Link Recording Studios: {212} 244-0426.


More About Jenny Burton

A former South Bronx choir girl who topped Billboard’s Dance charts with successive #1 hits in the 1980’s, Burton is once again soothing souls with a rapturous ode to spiritual healing, inner peace and higher love. Her widely praised ensemble is as uplifting as it is entertaining.The Jenny Burton Experience first gained notice at Don’t Tell Mama, one of New York’s best-known club venues, where the group performed a critically acclaimed, seven-year sold-out run. From there, the act snared several of New York’s major music awards for best vocal group, including the Back Stage Bistro Award, the MAC Award and The Critic’s Choice Award.The adulation reflects the growing popularity of inspirational pop music, a genre that the Jenny Burton Experience is successfully taking to new audiences with its use of streetwise arrangements and talented veterans. “ We’re all about faith, revelation, changing times,” says Jenny, who recorded songs for the gold-record White Knights and Beat Street soundtracks and whose best-selling dance hits for Atlantic Records included “One More Shot,” “I Remember What You Like,” and “Bad Habits.”

"An imposing figure, an impressive singer, and a commanding presence" declares Back Stage of vocalist Jenny Burton. She began her singing career in churches and then moved into the R&B/Dance circuit. As a solo artist on Atlantic Records, Jenny's contributions to the motion picture soundtrack of Beatstreet brought her her first gold album. She recorded her first solo LP In Black And White which included the hit single I Remember What You Like which made Billboard's top 10 Dance, top 20 R&B and Hot 100 pop charts. Her second album, Jenny Burton, contained her third national #1 dance hit - Bad Habits. She also sang a song for White Nights, her second film score starring Gregory Hines and Mikail Baryshnikov and that became her second gold album.

Previously Jenny sang a the Gospel Music Awards in Nashville, played a recurring role on ABC Television’s soap opera All My Children and has over the past several years starred in numerous industrial shows for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. In the early 1980’s Burton had four national number one R&B/Dance hits, and was featured vocalist for C-Bank. That group’s mega hit, "One More Shot’, rose to Billboard’s number five slot the same week "Thriller" was number one. The C-Bank success led to Burton’s first major-label solo deal; Atlantic Records released her first LP, "In Black & White", which included the hit single, "I Remember what You Like"," Bad Habits", off her second album was a #1 dance hit in America and rose to #12 on the R&B charts.Most recently she performed in a tribute to Harry Belafonte and Don King in New York City and as a featured performer in Black To Broadway at B.B. King’s world famous club.


Quotes About The Jenny Burton Experience

A glorious explosion of sound that embraces everyone in a “Hallelujah” of harmonies. ...a roller-coaster ride through R&B, pop and gospel.
Wayman Wong, New York Daily News

How lucky to come across the beautifully sung Jenny Burton Experience. A superslick, pop-gospely entertainment, the Experience stars the sleek but fiery Burton. The nine-voice choir behind her is so pristine it sounds like it’s been remixed and mastered in advance.
Michael Musto, The Village Voice

It is difficult to convey in words the extraordinary feeling of exhilaration one feels seeing The Jenny Burton Experience. Under the leadership of its captain, Margaret Dorn, the choir never fails to dazzle with its musicianship and unflagging positive energy. Ken Roberson’s choreography is inspired in its own right.
Roy Sander, Backstage

Indianapolis Black Expo

She electrifies the room with her magnificent voice, her funky dancing, and her vivacious personality. Totally willing to share the stage, the multi-talented choir is featured; and there is a feeling that all are united in relaying hope, inspiration, and encouragement through their music. The Jenny Burton Experience, it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.
Laurie Lawson, Punch In Internationa

Singing the songs of Peter Link, Burton offers spine-tingling renditions of rousing gospel/rock anthems that are magnificent in scope and structure.
John Hoglund, New York Native

Burton is indeed a musical wonder, with a voice that soars, and could probably knock down power lines... Her choir is another very good reason to catch this show. For me, though, the real star here is Link’s ambitious, slam-dunk score...
Bill Ervolino, The Record

“ The Jenny Burton Experience” backs her powerful voice with an impressive nine-strong choir. The cabaret rocks with a high-energy combination of gospel, R&B and pop.
Blake Green, New York Newsday

Her voice and that of her choir is the voice of the fountain of youth and her musical spirit lets you drink - from those voices, from their dance, from their spirit. And Jenny Burton becomes Isis incarnate.
Laurence Holder, Routes Magazine

Singing occasional lead, but mostly backup, are nine vocalists who not only sing superbly but are also a feast for the eyes - Steve Abrams, Andricka Hall, Margaret Dorn, Chrissy Faith, Keith Fluitt, Lawrence Hamilton, John James, Stephanie James and Branice McKenzie.
Gloria Lacey, The New York Christian Times

Their infectious joy in delivering such winning rhythm & blues and pop/gospel hybrids is one of the more unique entertainment moments to be savored in our local bistros...
WVOX Radio, Westchester, N.Y.

"A beautiful lady with a soaring gospel belt, Jenny Burton is a bravura singer and powerful presence. The lady commands the stage and effortlessly rips into her material with
more gusto than a tornado."

John Hoglund, Cabaret Hotline
Hudson River Park, NYC

The sheer range of style and excellency of every number demonstrated talents and skills placing Link among our foremost musical craftsmen. By evening’s end any spirit that hasn’t been uplifted should be checked for consciousness.
Carolyn Rollin Albert, Singles Almanac

If you can sit still during Tear Down The House or remain emotionless throughout (Revelation), or not become wiser after hearing Love Runs Deeper Than Pride, then some part of you needs checking.
Gloria Lacey, The New York Christian Times

The Link imprint is unmistakable. The commonality here is the upbeat and inspirational, and Ms. Burton has a way of making universal lyrics personal through eye contact with her adoring audience, many of whom have returned countless times for its therapeutic value.
Jeanne Lieberman, New York Law Journal

No wonder the whole town’s buzzing. No wonder there’s so much repeat business. No wonder she’s been playing to packed houses... No wonder she’s been extended again and again...
John Hoglund, New York Native

"Embraces, grabs, holds –
if angels could sing, they would want to sound like Jenny Burton. Part pop diva, part soul shouter, part gospel firebrand, Burton and her nine-voice choir mix grit and funk with sweet inspiration to create one of the most innovative musical experiences to hit the club stage."


Concert at the Principia Centennial Celebration

"Uplifting... Her voice glows."

Chip Deffaa, New York Post


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